Module Description

E-Commerce Series (8 Modules) - Download a Series Calendar (PDF)

EC101 Auto Responder Best Practices – Establish an industry best auto responder process.
EC102 Communication Skills – Focusing on the skills for e-mail: learn how to improve volley response, create stronger dialogue and rapport, and manage communication early on.
Beginning the Engagement – Engage with your customers quickly and professionally.
EC104 Continuing the Engagement – Respond to leads effectively and cause volleys with a proven strategy.
EC105 Recognizing Personalities via E-mail – Recognize customer’s uniqueness and tailor the approach during each communication to their preferred written and communication styles.
EC106 Re-engaging Your Internet Leads – Re-engage with your opportunity when your competition gives up. Learn how to stay "top-of-mind."
EC107 Maximizing Your Internet Opportunities – Implement solid appointment disciplines to increase the numbers of appointments set, show, and purchase.
EC108 The 35-Day Relationship – Follow up with unsold showroom traffic in an aggressive and professional manner.

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