Module Description

Leadership Development Series (8 Modules) - Download a Series Calendar (PDF)

LD101 Building a Winning Team – Social proof and the six forms of influence.
LD102 Implementing Positive Change – The formula for implementing positive change .
10 Styles of Effective Leadership – Learn the ten styles of leadership and the executing the Leadership Playbook.
LD104 Motivating a Winning Team – The top ten reasons employees fail, eight symptoms you will see, and the ABC’s of Leadership.
LD105 Coaching vs. Managing – The differences in Coaching vs. Managing, Principles of Coach, and the best practices for daily one-on-ones.
LD106 Leading by Objectives – Repetitive perfection, the three obstacles to replication, SMART Goals, and the value of strategic and tactical thinking and objectives.
LD107 The Clock & The Compass – Prioritizing your day, handling emergencies and dealing with distractions, and the four quadrants of time management.
LD108 Most Common Mistakes – The eight most common mistakes leaders make every day.

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