Module Description

Leasing Series (8 Modules) - Download a Series Calendar (PDF)

LP101 Survival Skills & Introduction to Leasing – Learn what leasing is, how it differs from a retail finance contract, and how it can benefit you as a salesperson.
LP102 Leasing Terminology and Calculations – Gain an understanding of lease terminology, how lease calculations work and how variables such as trade-ins, money down, miles per year, effect lease payments.
Benefits of Leasing for Your Customer – Understand why leasing is a smart choice for most consumers today. Learn common misunderstandings that customers have about leasing.
LP104 Integrating Leasing into the Sales Presentation – Learn the when, where, and how when to introduce and get buy in to the lease alternative during your sales presentation.
LP105 Presenting the Leasing Alternative – How to present the lease numbers in a customer friendly format
LP106 Objections and Concerns – Learn to overcome common leasing objections and concerns such as ownership, mileage, wear and tear and more.
LP107 Generating Lease Renewals – Managing your lease portfolio to generate repeat and referral business.
LP108 The Lease-End Process & Delivery – Learn the choices and responsibilities that your customers have at lease-end and how to explain those choices to them.

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