Traver Online-Live (TOL)

Traver Online-Live currently provides training in several critical skill areas for a dealership:

  • Fixed Operations Series
    • Leadership for Service Managers
    • Owners Circle
    • Driving Service Development
    • Selling in the Service Lane
    • Service Communications Skills
    • Parts Optimization
  • Variable Operations Series
    • Leadership for Sales Managers
    • F&I
    • Road to the Sale
    • BD (Phone Skills)
    • Internet
    • Leasing
    • Webdesking (Exclusive ADP Offering)
    • Receptionist
    • Reputation Management & Social Presence

TOL offers many powerful courses, each designed to help the associates at your dealership learn and grow. TOL is simple. Just pick the series (or the unlimited package) that represents the greatest opportunity at your dealership. You will receive an orientation for all your associates that participate so you can maximize your TOL selection.

Each course is approximately 25-30 minutes in length and taught by a real live instructor. The training is interactive and engaging, so be ready to respond and learn along with sales, management, and service personnel from around the world. To receive credit for courses students must complete and pass tests in every series.

If you want to take TOL to the extreme, enroll in our Certification Program. This entitles you, for a small fee, to certify your people. Certification gives you the assurance that your employees have retained and can apply their new skills.

The Advantages of TOL:

  • Less expensive! TOL is delivered at 2-5% of a traditional training investment cost.
  • Flexible! TOL is offered 4 weeks a month, 4 days a week*. For each series, the courses repeat throughout the week so everyone has time to participate.
  • Very powerful! We have received thousands of unsolicited testimonials from students that have used our TOL training.

*See the TOL calendar for actual class dates.

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