Module Description

Road to the Sale Series (8 Modules) - Download a Series Calendar (PDF)

RTS101 Survival Skills & Automotive Basics – Learn dealership structure, industry history, and the 10 keys to survive and thrive every day.
RTS102 Establishing a Business Relationship – Learn how to establish a professional relationship for doing business now and into the future. Set all the right impressions at the first handshake.
Needs Fulfillment – Identify key criteria, "hot and cold buttons", impulse needs, and create a strong desire for a presentation.
RTS104 Picture Perfect Presentation – Eight keys to great presentations that entertain, engage, educate, separate, create desire, and are interactive and comprehensive.
RTS105 Value Building Demo – The commitment is the easy part of selling; the "value" is the toughest. When you fail or struggle to build value, gaining commitments becomes nearly impossible. Learn how to cause the "interest level" to meet the "buying level."
RTS106 Negotiation Basics – Learn the importance and power of alignment and deposits as it relates to negotiating gross "value" for the sale.
RTS107 Apply the Proper Close – Go beyond techniques and learn how to dovetail to a close with every customer.
RTS108 Finalizing the Deal & Delivery – The closing of the deal represents just the beginning of a prosperous relationship. Be professional, organized, and get to the point, not stuck in the details.

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